170 Series

0170 - Park Distance Control Product Platform


0170 series are based on one central unit able to manage rear and/or front ultrasonic sensors. Active sensors with integrated electronics are 2.5 times faster in obtaining information about obstacles compared to the previous sensor generation. Also, each of them can have their own specific configuration, making the setup very flexible and suitable for every car model.

Park Master 0170 have been developed to satisfy the requirements of our OES and OEM customers: integration with vehicle wiring, specific kit per model, performance and quality compliance, sales and after sales support are all included in the package. The preferred choice of our OES customers.

Main features and benefits:

tick   Ultrasonic waves reflection measurement : combination of direct and indirect detection with an efficient measurement algorithm to build a robust object detection system
tick   Specific kits engineered and designed per make and model - to reduce installation time, guarantee OEM quality and performance, integrate the product in a professional way into the car
tick   Vehicle-specific setups stored in EEPROM (no dealer setup necessary)
tick   Specific installation and user manuals, dedicated wiring harnesses, brackets and other hardware
tick   Sensors come neutral (black), primered or painted
tick   Can be a useful complement for vehicles already equipped with rear view cameras, providing distance indications through the acoustic signal really benefits the visual aid
tick   Fully compliant with ISO9001, ISO17386 (MALSO) and with European homologations


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