490 Series

0490 - Park Distance Control Product Platform


The innovative architecture of this platform makes it ideal for original equipment and genuine accessory applications: the "intelligence" of the system has been moved from the central unit into the ultrasonic sensors, whose digital electronics can manage the entire processing of the ultrasonic echo signal.
The information provided by the system can be transferred to the driver by means of in-vehicle audio/video equipment, so that a high performance combination of acoustic and visual assistance is possible while minimising costs. The versatile sensors are suitable for both flush-mount and clip-on mount and can be equipped with 90-degree or 180-degree automotive waterproof connectors.

Main features and benefits:

tick   Can be a useful complement for vehicles already equipped with rear view cameras, providing distance indications through the acoustic signals in addition to the visual aid
tick   Easy integration, no or hardly any hardware change required on BCM or infotainment system
tick   Easy interaction between the sensors and the other driver assistance systems through LIN bus communication protocol
tick   Implementation of engineering standard by DIS/IS supplier ensures low integration effort and optimized, re-usable DIS/IS software
tick   Availability of low range applications (for parking assistance systems) and long range applications (for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – slot measurement, automatic and semi-automatic parking)
tick   Can be installed flush mount or as clip through a sandwich type solution
tick   The sensor at every acquisition performs a self check and a noise filtering. Diagnostic capability to read out the echo signal
tick   Fully compliant with ISO9001, ISO17386 (MALSO) and with European homologations


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